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Hazels Farm Bed & Breakfast - Meet the Animals

Hazels farm B&B is a registered small holding. We keep Wiltshire Horn Sheep and various hens. 

We regularly have both poultry and sheep, together with their produce for sale.

The sheep lamb in early April, so if you want to be here for lambing live, book early.

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We have regular hatches of chicks throughout the spring and summer.

Visitors are welcome to collect the eggs, and talk to our farm animals.

We also rear pigs, turkeys and chickens for the table, from time to time.

Other birds around then farm include budgies, finches and quail, as well as many wild birds.

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There are also numerous wild rabbits and squirrels about.

We have stables and a ménage, and currently have 3 horses visiting us.

If you want a holiday with your horse, please call for details.

We do not accommodate pets in the house, but if you want to bring them, we can find stable space.

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